Our Community

Ways to Get Involved

We believe that there's a place for everyone to get involved in our community, whether you're interested in leading as a board member, helping out on a committee or just getting to know your neighbors. Taking the time to get invested in where you live allows you to put down roots, serve the community and build lasting friendships with people nearby. If you're not sure where to start, visit our Groups and Clubs page to find activities you can participate in with neighbors who share your interests.

Benefits of Living in a Todd Creek Farms

If you want privacy you have the luxury and space to not have neighbors homes you can touch by reaching out your windows.

If you’re a project person you have space for a large outbuilding for your hobby.

If you’re a horse person, then welcome home! We have a great trail system for you and your horse.

If your family is interested in the wonderful learning opportunities available through 4-H, Todd creek Farms allows a variety of projects.

If you’re a gardener the large lots allow you to create the garden of your dreams.

Todd Creek Farms offers a sense of Community where people can connect in a world that is increasingly disconnected.

Want to hear from real residents about their living experience? Visit our Testimonials page!